Monday, November 27, 2017


      Monday has hopefully seen the merciful conclusion of one of the Corporate Media's sickest programs: The Resistance with Keith Olbermann. Olbermann announced today that this would not only be his final show, but that he "was retiring from political commentary" altogether. 

       And just a few days ago, we were complaining that Liberals never contributed any positive things to the holiday season....

        Olbermann has had these kinds of dramatic exits before. He was formerly a sportscaster with ESPN before jumping ship to join Al Gore's now-defunct media venture Current TV. He had a brief run at MSNBC. The Resistance was hosted by the ironically-named Gentleman's Quarterly: the same outfit which recently named Colin Kaepernick its 'Person of the Year', or something like that.

          Probably with good reason, some pundits believe that Olbermann was doing for GQ's bottom-line about what Kaepernick has done for the NFL's. To be fair, Olbermann did have something of a cult-following among the Left---he did, after all, popularize the 'Resistance' meme. The problem was that his program was typically a Howard Beale-like rampage where everyone who hates Trump could listen to a madman vent their collective outrage. Olbermann rarely made any actual sense; for example he often accused Trump of engineering a pro-Russian coup while simultaneously calling on Liberal bureaucrats to stage a coup of their own. Last night, he confidently predicted the imminent downfall of the Administration while only a few months ago he was predicting that we would never have free elections in the US again. He viciously criticized Trump on every episode for a whole year while claiming at the same time that the Administration was suppressing dissent. 

         If anyone is interested, Olbermann based last night's prediction upon the 'scandal' wherein the President recently referred to Senator Warren as Pocahontas. Whether Olbermann believes this will lead to Indian uprisings and massacres in America again, we weren't told. At any rate, it didn't stop him from calling Education Secretary Betsy DeVos an even worse (and unprintable) name. 

        Bryan Anderson of the blog Downtrend said it best. Olbermann's retirement announcement, he stated, "is like Lena Dunham promising not to post nude photos of herself on Instagram anymore. Not only will nobody miss it, it comes as a great relief."

          While Olbermann's ridiculous outbursts did provide some occasional comic relief, he won't be missed. There's no telling how many other loons he's triggered to commit violent acts, though. At any rate, it would be great if his 'retirement' signals a policy-shift at GQ. But that may be hoping for too much. 


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